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Best heads for 302
Go with what you have but interesting to know what combustion chamber size is compared to what you have now.
Agree with Mustang7173 putting new heads especially higher comp will push the rings. I had std heads rebuilt on a 302C with what I thought was a decent engine but once I put the new heads on I had better power but boy did she start to blow oil past the rings!
Keep the 750 carb if it works now as it will work well down the track if you improve the rest of the engine
I had a 302W 1968 Falcon GT which had slightly smaller chambers but with Chev (sorry guys) 1.94 int 1.60 exh valves some minor porting, Torker intake, headers, cam etc and yes a 780 Holley that car ran perfectly on the street and boy did it get up an go from 3500 - 6500 rpm
Can't remember the cam specs (nearly 40 years ago!) but around 300 duration .500 lift
Broke the 8 inch LSD but
I can't remember exactly what I have on there now, but it's got 63cc chambers and the 351 heads have 60cc chambers, so it's gonna have slightly higher compression, but not much. I also picked up a really cool set of lightweight fiberglass fenders from the 70's and an awesome old set of Rocket Racing wheels too.
Can only give it a try but in the end the best heads are heads that are matched with the rest of the engine
Good find on the fenders and no rust to deal with
Afr or trick flow heads and the proper cam and compression ratio will net you 100-150hp over stock.
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