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bellhousing help
so i have a 71 351 cleveland and i have a 1985 T5 from a mustang. (im pretty sure its 85, ill find out later and if it isnt, i will inform you guys). anyway, i need a bellhousing that will fit between the two. does anyone know what bellhousing will work with both?
It depends, what clutch, what lever, what type of clutch linkage? If you're going custom parts the standard fox body bell will work.

Jeff T.

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ok, than i need a lot more help than i initially thought lol. the engine is going to be bone stock. so i dont need anything fancy. which clutch and all that stuff do i need? what year/engine fox body bellhousing do i need than?
If you use the modern driveline cable setup, you can basically use all 5.0 stuff except for the flywheel (due to the imbalance difference between early and late SBF's).

I think there's a Ford Racing flywheel at the early imbalance that lets you use a later 5.0 10.5" clutch (cheap!). I would check with Summit on the early imbalance, Diaphragm-style
Clutch flywheel then the rest is easy.

85-93 5.0L T5 bell housing, block plate, clutch fork and starter (no 94-95 as the input length is longer)
5.0 clutch kit of your choice
Early imbalance flywheel for Diaphragm clutch
Cable linkage conversion
awesome! i will check summit with this info and see what i can get! thanks so much!
ok guys, so i called summit and the guy on the tech line told me i want this flywheel:
my brother found this flywheel, its a ford one and not a mcleod:

which one is the one i need? i know mjlan said to get the early ford imbalance one but i dont know if this is the early imbalance one.

also, if i use that ford flywheel, it says to use a ford clutch kit, i found a 1990 mustang clutch kit at autozone for 100 bucks (way cheaper than summit for those brands). can i use the autozone clutch with that flywheel or will it cause problems when im installing or when im driving?
I think that Ford flywheel will work, it seems to be for the early imbalance and has the diaphragm (late model) clutch bolt pattern.

Might be worth a double check with Ford racing.
The one summit recommended is wrong-it is for an internally AKA neutrally balanced engine. Ford didn't build internally balanced clevelands or windsors.
Unless you had the engine built in such a manner it is just wrong.

The ford one your brother found looks right. Without knowing much about the bellhousing you are using (I'm ignorant of the 5.0 parts-not your fault) I don't know if the 157 tooth flywheel is right. I suspect it is, but I wouldn't spend money on that opinion.

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alright, thanks for the help so far guys! ill snag up that ford one. everything and everyone is saying that would be the one.

last question, does it have to be a ford racing clutch? or can i buy an autozone one and toss it on there? the flywheel says that it has to be a ford racing, but i thought that could just be them saying that to get more cash out of potential buyers
The 351's are 28oz imbalance. Your 1985 transmission is likely not a "world class" T-5 with upgraded components. Be aware that a stock Cleveland likely exceeds its torque rating.

1973 Mach 1 Q code 351 4V, 9A paint, standard interior, 3.50 rear, C6 trans.
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