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Beginnings 72 Coupe Resto
Finally I have the Red Peril street legal! Big Grin

Been a few months sorting out my engine debacle and getting it ready for all the engineering inspections etc etc
Got my engineering approval a couple of weeks ago but still had to go through roadworthy inspections
Had a few issues to sort out and finally today I picked up my license plates and went for a first "legal" run

The sad part is like many with this "affliction" I have poured in countless dollars and sent myself broke in the process but frankly I don't care one bit although the missus is none too happy I reckon
Anyway a few rough pics below and still a few bugs and rattles to sort out
If I can find enough coins at the back of the sofa for fuel money I will go for a cruise this weekend to finish breaking in the engine
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Looks great! Go enjoy it and start saving some money so you can buy flowers for your girl ;-)
Woohoo! It's been quite a journey!
Congratulations! Red Peril looks gorgeous!

Love the plate! Over here, few years back I've asked by the dutch RDW: it wasn't possible. The Dutch computer systems were not as smart as computers in England or Belgium at the time. But 1 or 2 years ago, I recall gov talked about allowing this, kuz in Belgium for instance, they saw this delivers extra millions in taxes, as they ask $1100 for it.
Extra income working as magic on politicians brains and computer systems. I'll contact RDW soon again to see if possible these days...


73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
The car looks great! Enjoy it and forget about the money... I know the feeling and mine is a long way from being finished...
Thanks guys, it's been a long journey but for some 3 years isn't long

Fabrice - our government loves finding new ways to milk the public, my plates only cost $600!

One thing I need to save up for is new wheels and tires
I don't really like the rims and the tires although plenty of tread they are 11 years old which is not safe
Reckon before I get new ones I will wear them down on the rear fairly quick then put the front ones on the back and have more fun
Thats awesome! Glad you cleared that hurdle.

Wow, that's great to hear and see you finished your odyssey despite your hassle with the engine and some other gremlins  Bravo

Love the idea of the rivets in the rockers for the sill plates! 

3 years - that's only a stone throw and was worth it  Wink 

Enjoy your beautiful baby  thumb


Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly Angel
After fitting new 4 1/2 leaf springs which pretty much solved most of the axle hop and lowering the front with new springs it was time to get rid of the dinky toy 17 inch rims

Decided to go with what always works - Magnum 500 alloy rims 15 x 8 rear 15 x 7 front with Mastercraft Avenger 255/60/R15 & 235/60/R15 tyres
Will work on getting the stance a bit better as it sits a little too low in the front so have some spring insulator spacers coming that will bring it up 1/2 inch
Hopefully the rear leafs will settle a bit but if not will get some 1 inch lowering blocks

Vehicle not only looks a whole lot better it is much better behaved on the road and no more shakes above 80 MPH
[/url][url=https://ibb.co/DV18Y2g][Image: P1030228.jpg][Image: P1030229.jpg][Image: P1030226.jpg]
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Oh yeah it looks much better.

- Mike
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