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Beginnings 72 Coupe Resto
Look at that baby! Beautiful!
btw why not open the scoops? I mean, you could use all the "cold" air you can where you live no?

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
(02-18-2019, 02:05 PM)Fabrice Wrote: Look at that baby! Beautiful!
btw why not open the scoops? I mean, you could use all the "cold" air you can where you live no?

Thanks Fabrice, hopefully will have the scars on the back done soon, then interior and finally registration!

As for the scoop inserts I actually did wonder why they were closed, no doubt without a ram air system there is the chance for water and bugs to enter the engine bay.
Our XB Falcon has perhaps the same scoop except it has an open grille and they don't have ram air or a shaker example here - 
Maybe I'll just drill them out rather than spend money on XB ones especially if they don't fit!
[there is the chance for water and bugs to enter the engine bay.]
Are the bugs kangaroo sized over there? Smile
I mean, you get both bugs and water from the front anyway. You have an air filter for that.
And if it's really pouring, just keep it bellow 140 !

I would not drill, as to cut in between the lozenge shape will take lots of time and likely will be visible on this kind of plastic. I'd just remove them.
With your craftsmanship, I'd cut/shape a plate of aluminium to replicate the fitting in the inside and add a nice thin stainless steel wire mesh instead.

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
for the sake of being complete...

[Image: scoops-stainless.jpg]

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
(02-19-2019, 02:02 PM)Now you\ve got me going, might have to cut up some fly screen mesh from the front door but could upset the trouble and strife!Shouldn't be too hard to find something to replace the plastic inserts Fabrice Wrote: for the sake of being complete...

[Image: scoops-stainless.jpg]
An update on progress
Had a long weekend so got ready for spray painting my rear damage and had a small window of opportunity when the wind was low yesterday so got up early and prepped everything including masking.
The wind finally dropped enough so I blasted some color on and did my best to blend it into the roof line using a blending solvent
Will still have to color sand and buff it all so hopefully comes out okay
Only problem I noticed that in my rush to get some paint on I missed some sanding marks in one area on the quarter panel which barely show up in the paint but still noticeable so will see how it comes out after buffing. Frankly right now I've had enough of body work so will live with it until it gets the better of me.
Started assembling the rear area and starting to look like a vehicle now but waiting on some tail lamp seals to install them
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Looks great OzCoupe72, at least from this angle. Sure looks better than it did. I know that was a bit of a set back, but the worst part is behind you now. Great job!

run_horse Run Horse Run!
John 72 Q Code
Getting closer to finishing my project however there is always something that comes along to slow things down.
Installed new seat belts and due to our regulations I had to install rear retractable seat belts on the outers. Cost a fair bit extra also to have the much closer to original chrome buckles all up $1150 AUD - OUCH!
And of course these belts now interfered with the 6 x 9 speakers I had installed earlier. Ended up having to trim the seat belt covers and mounted the speakers underneath the parcel shelf. Tight squeeze and not the best look but no other option.
Next was to install new carpet and underlay which went well enough however when I went to install the console around the auto shifter there was a distinct misalignment with the modified for RHD shifter and console/shift indicator. As much as I don't mind the factory type shifter it was going to be a major job to modify everything so I decided an aftermarket shifter was on the menu.
Being RHD not many options except the RHD B&M Megashifter.
Installation was not too difficult, just had to make a plate to suit the floor which allowed me to use the original mounting points.
Notched a slot for the cable to go through, made a harness for the NSS switch, cut the B&M console down a little
Tricky job was cutting the C4 shift lever back as due to the headers there was no room for a grinder but luckily was able to just get the Dremel in there.
Took most of the day to install but pretty happy with it and will compliment my other performance mods. Pics below

.jpg   P1030164.jpg (Size: 79.02 KB / Downloads: 87)

.jpg   P1030168.jpg (Size: 61.97 KB / Downloads: 87)

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Theres always a solution and it looks like you are going through left to right hand drive and resolving all the issues without too much bother. Great to see your progress

1971 Grandé
Been laying low for a few weeks waiting on parts to get my project nearer completion

Took it for its maiden voyage a while back and while everything was going well unfortunately as I was reaching my destination the power steering hose blew and eventually destroyed the pump as well. Had to get it brought home on a truck which was a bit of a bummer.

Not wanting to go with the Saginaw pump again I decided to upgrade to a pump that would match my rack & pinion and of course upgrade the hoses
Took a while to find the right pulley to match my application but luckily Moroso make the correct pulley
Pump is a GM Type 2 (sorry!)made for higher RPM and came with a bunch of brackets but luckily only needed one bracket and a couple of spacers

Also have color sanded and compounded the paint work a month ago or so and today sealed it with a polymer sealant
Has come up pretty good but still have a few paint chips and other cosmetic issues to deal with

Anyway pics below and next up is to sort out some bugs then get it on the dyno
The DOT wants me to get a report as I have to remain below 400 RWHP which I reckon I will exceed however with some creativity will be able to keep under this for the initial report by tweaking the timing etc

Power steering pump installed, certainly much smaller than older style pumps

Remote reservoir was mounted on the fan cowl as there was no more room

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