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Beginnings 72 Coupe Resto
Mounted up a new RHD power rack & pinion steering. Pretty easy fit only needed to drill a few holes and trim a tiny bit of the chassis extension. Having a break from bodywork so modifying my 9 inch rear to fit local Falcon rear discs with floor mounted handbrake and will just rebuild my front disc brakes for now. I need to get the handbrake sorted before I can weld the seat platform in. Next weekend will rebuild the 9 inch center adding a Truetrac LSD with 3.5 gears.

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I wasn't going to replace the trunk floor until I removed the fuel tank and saw the extent of the rust which was covered over with sheets of steel.
Despite the enormous cost of shipping I bit the bullet and ordered a new floor pan and quarter repair section.
Seeing as mine had a new tail panel installed by PO I knew it could be difficult to install however I ended up cutting mine at the front section to use good metal and making it easier to get in and out.
Installed drop-offs and quarter section but ran out of gas so will finish off next weekend hopefully.
Will be glad when all the floor repairs are done so I can start putting some of it back together then will start on hood, fenders & doors etc.

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Time and money well spent!
(05-17-2017, 09:23 PM)OzCoupe72 Wrote:
(05-17-2017, 12:36 PM)protouringstang73 Wrote: Looks great! I really like where you have painted it black, nice detail! Smile

Thanks, took over an hour to mask it up and 5 minutes to spray paint.

Yeah exactly! I am painting sometimes now and then, it's allways that that steals the time, it's not when you are going to paint it, paint dry paint dry finished Big Grin

Daniel thumb

Pro-Touring 1973 Mustang named ''Creator'' ... Tongue
Under construction!!
Been busy lately and starting to make some progress - pics below

Rear axle is in with new Eaton Tru-Trac and 3.5 gears. Fitted new disc brakes and set up handbrake but will need to shorten the front cable slightly to get enough adjustment.

Fuel tank was rusty inside from sitting around for a few years so refurbished it with KBS coatings fuel tank repair kit and painted the outside with bright zinc paint from the hardware store, added some rubber pads for the top of the tank and the mounting straps, new sender unit also.

Trunk floor has been painted with a speckle finish paint which came up pretty good.

For the main floor area I decided to make my own lizard skin using $80 worth of Insuladd ceramic spheres mixed with 4 litres of quick dry enamel which was only $20 as it was a mismatch which explains the color but who cares as nobody will see it.
Couldn't justify spending over $800 for lizard skin so this will have to do plus I will add further insulation later.

Tore down my Aussie 302C yesterday and the good news is it is standard bore so I have room to move with the rebuild which will end up being a 408 stroker. With the Aussie 2V heads at this stage will use dished pistons and the heads will get extensive port work with the chambers opened up also. Might consider alloy heads at a later stage but will get the block done first as don't have the funds to do it all at once.

Anyways happy with the results and progress so far but there is still a long way to go.

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That's all looking pretty sharp! Did you have to make modifications for the drivers seat to get that handbrake in?
(08-28-2017, 01:07 AM)Vinnie Wrote: That's all looking pretty sharp! Did you have to make modifications for the drivers seat to get that handbrake in?

Thanks Vinnie, Yes I had to cut, bend and weld the handle base to make it lean towards the tunnel otherwise it would have rubbed on the seat. I also reinforced underneath the seat platform to strengthen the mounting. It doesn't get in the way of the seat tracks either.
Looks good! Thanks for posting.

- Mike
Great work Mick. You should be very pleased with your progress. I mounted my hand brake lever bracket level with the front of the seat platform. That would explain why your cable is a little long.
(08-30-2017, 02:52 AM)Len van Rossum Wrote: Great work Mick. You should be very pleased with your progress. I mounted my hand brake lever bracket level with the front of the seat platform. That would explain why your cable is a little long.

Thanks Len, I used an AU 3 series handbrake lever which was a better fit. Had a new handbrake cable made up using bits of EL & AU. You are correct that my cable was a bit long so I had it shortened 30 mm to give more adjustment.

Now I have all brakes working, bought new braided hoses and made new pipes, bled the brakes and have a great pedal but had to tighten up the pipes a bit to seat in the new flares as they leaked under pressure.
Bought a vacuum bleeder which made bleeding a breeze just had to teflon tape the bleeders and cable tie the hoses but well worth it.

Installed the steering column and mounted everything up but found the shaft between the steering column and rack is too long so will have to get another one made up. This is probably due to the way I've done the firewall and pedal box.

Also have plenty of room between legs and steering wheel even with the standard one and seeing as I have bought a 13 inch Grant steering wheel will be more than enough.

Only problem I can see with engineering is the brake pedal seems a little bit high, in other words when my size 11 foot is on the floor my toes barely touch the pedal, obviously with underlay and carpet this will be better so I hope it will be acceptable upon inspection.

Oh and as you will see in the pics I ended up making a column to cowl bracket as the OEM one just wouldn't fit despite cutting it and trying to change it.

Cheers Mick

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