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BB in my mach 1
Hi once again! Blush

I have a 460" in my mach 1 from -71 with the original 302 springs I presume. However it lowers the car to the point of it being almost undrivable... The headers touches ground as soon as there is a tiny, tiny bump. I need more clearance and the shocks are also horrible! This is next on my list so here we go:

Any suggestions/experiences with different kind of applications?

Thank you
I had the same issue with my 351c. I also had the 302 springs. Just the fact that they are probably the original springs doesn't help. I went with the right spring for the engine size and now have no problem. As far as the shocks go I used replacement shocks nothing fancy.


[Image: a58hgh.jpg]
When I put my 429 in years ago I bought big block springs and everything was fine.My headers drug on big speed bumps,but I also had the factory 14 inch rims on too.

73 mach1

I would also recommend the roller spring perches and install sub frame connectors. You will be amazed how much better your mustang will ride and drive with the frame connectors.


I bet those springs are worn. I replaced springs my springs alot and for drag racing I needed stored energy springs so I went with atock 429 springs which really aint much stiffer in spring rate. I do however have it lower than stock which is about 2 inches. Im going to put a spring rubber spacer to bring it up 1.5 inches to accomodate the 29.5 inch tall slicks.
Not sure how much of a hurray your in ..But I will have an entire new bb suspension from front to back for sale in the very near future..I'm ditching the entire stock bb setup on the car I just got(all new works fine Just that I prefer more of a pro touring setup in my cars) for a street or track coil over conversion in the front & Maier racing leafs in the rear..

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