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Battery Size
1973 Mustang
351 Cleveland 2bb, Code H

Hi all
    My old Tang is running really good.  Still got a few issues but now it is time for her to get her own battery (not robbed from the Ute).
The bat compartment I think is the size for a 27F.
Trying to keep the old girl original.

What would you recommend as a suitable battery?

You can go "original", but it's costly and there's a waiting period.


To be honest, I hate paying big money for batteries, so I just get them from Walmart. Seems everywhere else wants over $100 for any 24F size battery. Even the top of the line Everstart MAXX is under $100 with 750CCA, compared to $150 or more at the usual auto parts stores (Autozone, Advance, Orelliy, NAPA)

I've have an Everstart Plus in my car that's 7 years old and it still cranks over no problem.

For my restomod I bought the battery cover... It looks pretty good and works for me.

I think it's a group 24 battery, but if you want to add the Autolite "cover", you need to make sure it is a flat top style or the cover won't fit. I too use the cover for looks and many people think I have the original Autolite battery.
Here's a picture. The L shape bracket from the apron to the hold-down no longer fits on mine though. (arrow in this pic is the ground cable to body connection)

.[Image: IMG-1069-LI.jpg]

 I learn something new every day!
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[Image: BXT-27-F-motorcraft-battery.jpg]

I use the Ford batteries in my '71 J Code (pictured here) and the 24F version in my '73 351 car...

"Yes dear", has kept me in the hobby a long time...
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