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Battery Replacement
You'd think a battery would last more than 13 yrs !! LOL

Since it did not snow today (but there was 1/2" on the deck this morning at dawn) I thought maybe I would throw the charger on the battery that has been disconnected since last November and fire up the car for a trip around the block. Charging status seemed fine (90% + within an hour), but when I cranked it, it died within 60 seconds. (BTW - I typically turn it over with no gas for 30 sec to build up oil pressure, then pump pedal and re-engage starter). OK - time for a new battery....

Back in 2000 I had purchased this 7-year Duralast battery (on the road) while on a trip to a car show in Vermont. Lesson Learned - make sure you have proper grounding to sheet metal and engine --- otherwise you will cook alternator and battery.

Tomorrow I will visit local Ford dealer to purchase a new Motorcraft battery to maintain the spirit of the original style battery.

All in all, I am amazed I had zero issues for the past 13 years.
Says a lot for duralast
You got me beat, my wife had a car with a batt. that went over 9, I think my record was 8.

[Image: 1_11_01_14_4_00_47.jpeg]
460 , Edelbrock Performer carb. + intake , 204 / 214 cam , Pertronix Flamethrower 2 billet dizzy + coil , Crites long tubes , C6 .

Wow, never heard of one lasting 13 years. My original Motorcraft battery from my 2004 Mach 1 is still going strong, but now it is in my son's 2001 Bullitt. So 9 years and counting, knock on wood!

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

Our current Mustang garage/driveway
1973 Mustang Convert - Bought in 1974 - Still have it!
2004 Mach 1 Oxford White Auto, Bought Sept 06

[Image: 20180127_082009.jpg]

upload a photo on internet

13 years! That's crazy in a good way.

[Image: 386_07_10_13_5_58_42.jpeg]
My Mustangs:
71 M-code Mach 1, Medium Blue/White Sport, 4R70W, 3L50, Factory Ram Air.
72 Q-code Mach 1, Pewter/Black Sport, 4-spd, 3L25.
65 Convertible, Britney Blue/White/White, more modified than original.
05 Convertible, Legend Lime/Tan/Tan, future classic??
It's quite possible that several things factored into the longevity:

1. Here in WNY the 73 vert is a seasonal cruiser - April - Oct. Every Nov. I would disconnect the cables while it sat the winter months out in the unheated garage. I would put the charger on it every spring to bring it up 100%. (as noted, this is the first time it died on me while cranking).
2. Usually one or two cruises a week /occasional weekend show
3. Every fall it gets an extended weekend to the Finger Lakes region
4. I spent many, many hours on the electrical system to make it function properly after the experience with the lack of proper grounding that caused me to purchase this particular battery.
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