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Bad Day part 3
2011 just keeps getting better....

I had to put my best buddy down yesterday. Mookie was an American Bulldog / Pit Bull mix, just shy of seven years old. The best, most loyal dog I've ever owned. He broke out of his crate last week and ate some of my daughter's toys, creating an intestinal blockage. The vet said he had too much damage and removing it wouldn't leave him enough to survive.

RIP Moo-man, you were such a good dog....

[Image: 25870_109449062407269_100000265273965_19...5172_n.jpg]

Sorry for your loss...I can relate. We had to put my cat down a few weeks ago. He was a good friend for 12 years but the vet said he had cancer all through his stomach. We chose to put him down before the painful suffering started.

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Ah Man, I am so sorry to hear that...beautiful dog with obviously a LOT of personality.

My Condolences.


Do the RIGHT thing.
Sorry. I know it hits hard.
Take care,


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Very sad news...in my opinion dogs are as important to this world as people are Sad

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Sorry to hear that ....as nothing takes away a bad day like coming home and seeing your best buddy waiting for you with tail wagging.

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Sorry to hear about your dog. It's amazing how important they can be. Hang in there!


run_horseI have always loved 1970 Mustangs, but how can a car I don't own trump the one I can drive? One in the hand...
Sorry to hear about your best buddy. I know that pain all to well.
That sucks man....dogs really do become part of the family....only time will heal

one thing about a dog..they allways love you...they dont care what you look like that day...or if your in a crappy mood...they really are special animals....lost my saint bernard few years back..he got arthirist so bad..and couldnt stand anymore...it broke my heart to have them put him under..makes me all sad just thinking about it....we are blessed to have them in are lives.
Sorry to hear! I have a couple of "garage dogs" that were strays that we have adopted and I am not looking forward to that day. Man you keep your chin up and things will improve!

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