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Today I drove the Mustang down to the body shop to fix some dings and get the final buff done. It's about a 20 mile drive. After exiting the interstate and only being a few blocks from the shop, I felt and heard a serious knocking noise coming from the front driver side. It sounds like something is loose and is hitting the wheel or brake disc, but when I pulled over and inspected it I couldn't find anything out of place. All the suspension parts are solid, nothing is touching the wheel. Very weird. There is the knock at low speeds, and it increases speed as the car increases speed so it's obviously related to the wheel. I'm thinking the caliper failed as I can't see anything wrong with the suspension. Unfortunately, it's at the body shop so I can't do any more inspection for awhile.



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Cracked rotor?

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I had a knock like that and it turned out to be the rubber bushing for the shock absorber. One piece had rotted out and the shock was hitting the shock tower.

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upload a photo on internet

The front end suspension was rebuilt less than 10 years ago, but the brakes are original. Once the body guy finishes up, I'm going to have it towed to a shop to look at it. Not sure what is going on with it at this point.


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Lug nuts?
My wife had a Taurus once that started to make a banging when the brakes were applied , the bottom caliper bolt backed out and when the brakes were pushed it kicked the caliper out and hit on the wheel , when she let off the brake it flopped back into the original position.

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Lug nuts are good. The banging sound is all the time but it could be something like that...


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Well, stupid me...the wheel adapter came loose. Fortunately the wheel did not fall off. While I had it at the mechanic I had him do all the brake work (new MC, all new front brakes, a little work on the rear drums), torque the pinion nut, do an alignment, etc etc. He also put 1" adapters on the front and that, coupled with the alignment, fixed my passenger side wheel rub issue. Now it drives pretty good. Next up, install the rear window!


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Well that is good news.
Yes sir, I agree.


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