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back-up & brake lights not working
Hey guys, need help again. Any correlation between the two? Wire was broken off my brake switch so I sottered it, brake lights started working, now after a week they don't. Ground is good. Bulbs are new.

I took the whole shifter out to replace the bushings, that came out good, but I think I may have did something to the safety neutral switch. I never touchethe safety neutral switch. All the wires are hooked up. All the fuses are fine, BTW is there a fuse for backup lights?

Thanks, any help would be appreciated.
72 conv.351c 2v. Pb.
The brake lights are a circuit breaker above the glove box. You may want to check the wiring diagram here on the fourm. Click on DATA at the top of the page and download the wiring diagram.

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[Image: 20180127_082009.jpg]

upload a photo on internet

use a 12 Volt test light to see if there is power on either of the wires at the brake light switch (it is hot with key off). If not..probably a fuse. use the test light to check both sides of the fuses, but touch the metal prongs the fuse plugs in to. fuse could be OK and not making connection.
other thing is.. brake lights work thru the turn signal switch.. maybe it is not plugged in tight.
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