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Back too high...
Nothing wrong with the rear being up like that but the front needs to be lower in my opinion to give it a little rake! Back in the day I cut my front springs 1 full turn, couldn't even get a jack under the front  whistling

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
Ok guys,

Thank you for all your answers that help me a lot.
First, for a simple start, I ordered 1" lowering blocks.
Then, you tell me to remove the overload shocks. Ok but what can i put in the place? size, diameter?
I'm not bad in méchanics but not enough in shock absorbers.
There are too many choices...
I don't think that the rear shackles are longers but I would check.
My tyres are 215/75x14 and indeed, I find them too small.

[Image: SIGNATURE_3_paris.jpg]

And what do you think about adjustable overload shocks like that...

[Image: amortisseurs_r_glables.jpg]

[Image: SIGNATURE_3_paris.jpg]

As for shock absorbers I always recommend KYB shocks. Really great quality at an affordable price. I’ve used them extensively and I love them!

[Image: 1z21rv4.png]


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Check out my video:

I thought adjustable because even if they are a little more expensive, I can adapt the ride height to my liking...

[Image: SIGNATURE_3_paris.jpg]

[quote pid='328706' dateline='1536787690']
Hate to be too critical, but did you know your car is not a Mach 1? No staggered rear shocks, but that's ok too as it looks the part and most will never know.

Not all Machs came with staggered rear shocks, only the 4V 351 & all 429 cars. 2V 351 (H) and 302 (F) didn't get them.

+1 on Luxstang, can recommend KYB-shocks, best price-worth-ratio - will them buy, too and get rid of the old hi-jackers...

Be aware that hi-jackers and other, similar shock constructions can affect your upper mounting spots in a bad way...


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There is no good reason to have overload shocks on your mustang. The shock mounting points are designed to accept a shock absorber not an additional spring. The upper mounting socket is just sheet metal. For the money the KYB shocks are a good value and work well. Does the previous owner still have the original springs? Chuck
Ok guys, finally I understand what you say (whaooo, my english is reallly bad)

I leave only the shock absorber in place or I change for that : 

[Image: kyb_shoks.jpg]

And I remove the springs, that's right ?...

[Image: ressorts.jpg]

[Image: SIGNATURE_3_paris.jpg]

That is correct.

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