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Back seat insulation
Thanks to all that sent replies to my Speaker question. Now a new one, Looking to replace the padding/insulation behind the back seat. Can't seem to find something close to original. Does anyone have a supplier that they have used? Thanks
There was no separate piece of insulation behind the seat. All there is will be what padding is in the seat back itself. On a convertible there are a couple pads on top of the wheel house to protect the top well liner when the top is down.

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I used DynaShield. To finish the cut edges after it was installed (which are present in the photo), I used a wood burning wand and ran it around the outer edge.
[Image: IMG-20180825-130259327.jpg]

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I just bought a big roll of 1/2" Jute and cut a piece that "fit" behind my back rest portion, You can kind of see what the shape needs to be.
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(02-11-2019, 08:29 AM)Omie01 Wrote: I just bought a big roll of 1/2" Jute and cut a piece that "fit" behind my back rest portion, You can kind of see what the shape needs to be.

Same here. 1/2" jute carpet underlayment with the moisture barrier works very well.

Here's what I did on my car. Insulate the heck out of it all over! Kind of wish I'd spent a bit more money and gone with Dynamat or similar, but this is 1/2' thick jute type backed with aluminum. I also fitted a piece behind the springs of the back rest, but no pic of that.

[Image: IMG-3275.jpg]

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I used that stuff for insulating heating/cooling ducts.
The silver stuff, comes in a role at local hardware store.


[Image: 1_11_11_13_11_50_27.png]
My old 72 had jute with black thin plastic sheeting glued facing the trunk side. It was hung on seat back hooks. Its still there today, but I'm no expert.
I used some Dynamat in my car, my only issue with it is that it really STICKS!! I had to undo a little bit of it and it was a pain in the a$$!! As long as your car stays dry, there is no reason to over-do it!! Clearance in most areas is not a problem.
I used X-Mat on my Convertible, most if not all is covered with it. X-Mat is about half price compared to Dyna-Mat.

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