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Back halfing 72 coupe
Got some questions. Has anyone done this to a coupe yet, and has anyone used the 940705K1 - Jegster Chassis Kits with Frame Rails & Roll Cages for the 71-73 mustangs. I know its gonna be a little different cause i think they are set up for more sports roof but can be modified a bit to fit the 72 mustang coupe. I have the 4 link already and have to make some brackets for the rear end. Will be running a 33-36 in rear. Just seeing if anyone else has done this yet or if anyone has work with this kit or not.

Sounds like one heck of a project! I can't wait to see this come together!

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i once bought a jegster chassis kit for a 65 falcon i had. basically, the only thing that comes "for the car" is the hoop. it seamed everything else was a cut-to-fit type of deal, which is your best bet. The kit included just about everything, frame rails, the hoop, halo, all the bars for the roll cage, etc, as well as bracket for mounting the 4-link. Theres a guy a few towns from me that has a 73 coupe backhalved car with a 460 tunnel ram dual quad setup running a 36x33 as well.. real killer car, was done in the late 80s, ill try and get you some pics.

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