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Austin Vert's Deluxe Door Panel Nightmare.
Hi to all,

I was reading 72 Hcode's recent reply post on his experience of installing some new deluxe door panels. Boy, was he telling the truth.

My '73 Convertible's original white door cards with black carpet were shot, so i bought some new repro ones from 'Dashes Direct' America about a year ago, and have been sitting on them, waiting for a good time to install.

I started installing mine last week, and it's been a nightmare to say the least.

The quality of the finish is not too bad, but the major problems revolve around lining and fitting everything up. The worst thing is that most of the predrilled holes and slots have not been accurately positioned out properly. This means that when you try to fit everything up, it's all out of alighnment.

For example, the fake timber fascia panel holes don't line up properly. the grab handle screw holes don't line up, the plastic door handle cup insert holes don't line up,the slots that take the door mount clips don't line up properly, the hole provided for the window winder crank did not line up properly.

The upshot was for me to spend countless hours customising and fiddleing around trying to make it all fit together and end up getting a decent result. In my attempts to do this, i have caused a little cosmetic damage to the carpet etc, but i should be able to rectify that and hide the damage.

All the many hours i've spent trying to rectify all these fit problems, would have cost me a small fortune had i have taken this job to a pro auto trimmer to do.However, if your skills in trimming are limited, this is not a job for the faint hearted, or novices. ( Around five days total, and about 14 hours clipping and fixing the panels to the doors.)

The end result is pleasing and looks pretty good, but i'ts sad that a so called quality product is out there on the market waiting to cause all that trouble. That was my experience with that particular brand,but i wonder if other brands have caused problems like this as well.

I guess it's another case of buyer beware! I will be contacting the company, and letting them know what i think of their product.


Yup, I ended up attaching mine with double sided tape instead of the clips that I ordered with the panels. Those holes did not line up at all and the tape gave me the possibility to align everything a little better.

[Image: 1z21rv4.png]


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Thanks for the post and info, Greg, as I've got to replace my panels sometime soon in my 73 'vert. Who was the manufacturer of your panels so I can cross them off my list? Confused


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I trust Don at OMS.
Maybe he can help 'shed some light' on this...

Even with original door panels, many have used velcro to attach instead of the factory clips that slide into the slots on the fiberboard backing.

Anyway - thanks for sharing.


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luxstang;125333 Wrote:Yup, I ended up attaching mine with double sided tape instead of the clips that I ordered with the panels. Those holes did not line up at all and the tape gave me the possibility to align everything a little better.


Looks like you took an easier solution to fix the door cards. I noticed when i was finally thumping my panels home to attach them, down the sides of the door cards required a lot of grabbing force so they would stick and stay attached in place.

How did your double sided tape trick work in that instance? Did the sides stay stuck well for you? What brand of door cards did you end up buying?


The name of the company is Dashes Direct.



Had i have known Don back in those days, i would not have hesitated to use his services to buy the pads from him. Best of my knowledge tells me that most brands should employ the traditional clip fastening method to attach the cards to the door frames.My backing board is made of solid black plastic material.


Yeah, I used tape that us even meant for outdoor use. A German product. Carries 10 kg on 1 cm length of tape.
I only had to hang the panels on top near the window opening in the door and tucked them to the metal. That stuff is very tough and sticks well.

[Image: 1z21rv4.png]


"If I were you...... I´d rather be me."  Tongue

Check out my video:

I've been waiting a very long time for TMI to do the door panels. I'll see if I can get an update from Dean Satterfield. They make deluxe 69-70 door panels and the flat standard 71/73 ones but no deluxe ones for our years. I don't know why it would be so difficult to do them for a 71-73.Huh TMI makes all sorts of stock and custom seat material and even if the door panels were $500 each they would be worth it. As other have mentioned the plastic ones from other vendors are a PITA to get to fit.

Vamach1 - 72 Sprint conv & 72 Mach1
AV were the ones you used backed with plastic or the stiff cardboard type? i have also been told to avoind the plastic backed versions.Recently i was told Scott Drake has a version out but i havent heard any comments on them. My deluxe panels are the only problem in my interior but they are bad. Since i need med blue i have been waiting a long time to see aftermarket versions. I have seen black, white, and red offered for a while. also, when i pulled the factory panel to replace door speakers i noticed that the clips didnt line up well with the holes on the OEM panels either!
I have a set of re-pops that don't fit very well especially around the door pulls. All the tabs for the spring clips have fallen off.

Jeff T.

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My door panels are hard plastic I got from Cj PonyParts a few years ago.
Uses clips to mount and is a perfect fit, included carpet and trim.
Don't know what brand they sold back maybe 6 years ago.


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