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Austin Says, Where's my parts man!
Hi to all,

Sorry if this topic has been kicked around before, but i've got to say in passing that since i bought my '73 in mid 2011 and waded into doing it up, i've become sometimes very ps'd -off to the fact that there are still a lot of repro parts that can't be bought new for our '71 - '73's.

When you look at what's available in comparison for the '65 to '70 Mustang boys, it seems to me we have quite a long way to go to catch up. For example, i was just thinking about a very recent post about a member chasing the old pancake rear quarter electric window motors. Other parts like tilt steering. sports guage setups,repro dash gauges, some outside body mouldings,certain types of wiring, and the list goes on.So what do you do? I guess you go out and try to hunt down old used genuine parts that are mainly worn and torn and need resto work to bring them up again. Some might say that's part of the resto fun and challenge. To me it's a real drag and hardship.

Bottom line is it can make your resto hard and a real challenge sometimes.Who's to blame at the end of the day, the parts manufacturers or what?

What do you guys think about it?


Every model year had this problem at one time or another so we just have to wait our turn
Just part of the challenge on the car you choose to own. Sometimes the hunt is the best part. I have met some really cool people along the way and made some new friends. If it were easy I would own a camaroHuh
If you want to find the answer to most questions such as yours, "follow the money". A manufacturer is not going to reproduce a part that is not in significant demand. They are not philanthropists. The good news is there are a lot more parts available today than there were just 5 years ago. My son and I restored a 71 Torino GT M code car 8 years ago. That was a challenging car to find parts for. It is all part of the hobby/obsession. Chuck

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Ford made a half a million mustangs in 1965 and another half a million in 1966. If I remember correctly they made more convertibles those two years (about 160K) than the number of total mustangs in any ONE of our years.

It actually has improved. I had to hunt down some rocker panel moldings before they were reproduced. Found some NOS but they were NOT cheap.

At least you guys have the internet. All I had was the pennysaver, the local paper and hemmings... Smile There were also a few guys in mag ads that seemed to have some hard to find parts.

73 Convertible - 351C/4V CC heads/4bolt/forged flat tops/comp 270/rhodes/mallory unilite/tri-power/hookers/glasspacks/c6/3.50 limited slip/Gear Vendors/Global West sub frames, strut rods and shelby style traction bars/ Rear sway bar/tilt steering (not original)

Pics of modifications included in:
Will is right on the money

In addition to the low numbers
A lot of the 71-3 parts are also model and year specific

I have poked, prodded and sent in MANY sample parts to
the manufacturers to push for parts.
Well the one good thing about the possibility of new parts is that 65-70 Mustangs have left a lot of potential Mustang owners now looking at our cars as the earlier years get more expensive.

So hopefully that will spike an increase in demand for parts.

[Image: 1_14_01_12_10_54_29.png]


73 Convertible 302-4v-3spd yellow /white int

08 Bullitt 4.6-5 spd black/black int

All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy
I understand your frustration, but we have 10X the parts available now compared to about 14 years ago. That was about the time I parked mine and let it sit until recently. Back then it was exciting to see parts for our generation in a catalog. Bumpers, door panels, handles, window cranks, valances, grilles and ill fitting carpet kits were about all you could find. This is a friendly and knowledgeable group of people here and I'm sure some will help. Quite a few people parting out cars lately too.
I feel ya man. I was in quite a quandary on what to do about gauges. I didn't want just idiot lights. Luckily this company started making a somewhat easy solution. I just got them this past Thursday and my builder is putting them on Monday.


The other thing that I could not find was a decent Monte Carlo Bar for my 71 vert with A/C (new Sanden compressor). My builder custom made one for me and it looks nice.

I will keep you posted on both as soon as I get back over to his shop this coming week and post the pictures here.
I know I had some rust repaired on my car a few years back. The body shop was going to be patching up the wheel well housings with bits of metal and fiberglass but the parts magically beccame available while the work was in porgress so bought the replacements adn the rust ahs not reappeared as of yet.

I am convinced my car is made out of compressed rust.
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