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Aussie Insurance for your mustang
Hi guys (girls),

I've had a brief look through the insurance posts, but not (yet) seen any info on where owners living in OZ are insuring their mustangs.

Can you Aust guys give me some feedback on who you insure with, and any weird exclusions/conditions, plus price thanks?

Shannon's for my Monaro's, custom Harley's and now my muzzy. Never had an issue

He has all the vices I admire and none of the virtues I despise
I was with unique, who got bought out by Lumley ... Again they're all happy to take your money.

[Image: Image3.png]
Hi Adrian,

I'm with Shannons as well and so far found them excellent.

You could check with them to see if they offer anything to help you out.


Shannon's for me too, from memory about $550 per year on the agreed value of the car. I believe you can cut that by over a half if you tell them you are going to drive it less than ten thousand kilometres per year. I signed mine up for the full insurance plan because I didn't want limitations on how far I drive my car.

Interestingly a workmate has a 65 Mustang insured with them at the ten-thousand-or-less cheaper rate; even though he only actually does a thousand k's per year he reckons Shannon's never even asked him for his speedo reading so how would they even know if he was traveling too far per year if he did abuse the system?

Shannon's gave me a new windscreen too when mine developed a crack so that was pretty cool.

[Image: stangprofile3.jpg]
LSV - Lumleys. No issues with claims but they do seem to keep jacking their prices and dropping the agreed value. May give Shannon's a go next time round.
Shannons. Looked at Lumley but the Shannons terms are better. Also when you want to up the value it's pretty easy with them.

Thanks for the info guys.

Looks like Shannons is coming out as favourite.

Now just to find a Mach1
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