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Basically, my eyesight is not as good as when younger, Duh!
So I have been toying with the idea of buying a CCD camera.
It would be nice to look at and capture images on a computer
screen rather than looking through an eyepiece. I did buy
some high end eyepieces and it made a huge difference in
image quality. Still, it would be nice to sit in a lawn chair
and use the computer's mouse to find and photograph DSOs,
planets, asteroids, the ISS and so on. I have access to a domed
12" Meade LX200 so the hook-up is easy. Simple laptop loaded
with Starry Night Pro and the ASCOM drivers for the telescope.
May need to buy MaximDL for processing the images.
Long story short, I just purchased a QSI 520ws from a fellow
astronomy club member. Just need to figure how to use it so let
the games begin.
Some day my avitar may be M31 Big Grin


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