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Argh! My parts order vaporized...
I'm working on the Mustang's steering column and the heat/AC box yesterday.  I am ready to put the AC box back together, but I am waiting for a gasket for where the evaporator lines leave the box.  I ordered up the needed gasket last weekend, along with a glove box liner from CJ Pony Parts.  They had them in stock in Vegas, so I was surprised that they were not at my house.  I break out the laptop and track the package, tracking shows that it was delivered to my porch while I was at work on Thursday.  So I go on a package hunt (I have kids...just saying), with no success.  I can't figure out where the parts have gone!  I decide to do a search of the yard, because it has been stormy out here, and the package is light....No dice.

So I come to the conclusion that the parts do not reside on my property anymore.  At this point I get wound up about California proposition 47 & 57 that basically made being a thief not an offense in CA anymore.  I have convinced myself that some low life plucked the package off the porch.  I am storming around the house, still trying to find the package.  The wife wonders what the hell I am doing, and why I am so wound up, so I tell her.

Get up this morning... Fresh new day.  

Wife says...
"You are going to hate this... I think I know what happened to the package... It is gone"

This peaks my interest...

"Thursday when I (The wife) was home for lunch, the wind was really bad and it had knocked over the recycle bin and blown stuff all over the yard. I picked it all up and put it in the bin, along with a box that had blown over to the gate... It seemed to be empty."


So some sorter at the local recycling facility is going to be cursing me for messing up their perfect cardboard pile with packaging, a glove box liner and a heater box gasket / grommet.

Now I have to order the parts again, and wait.  Now CJ Vegas is out of the grommet/gasket, so who knows if the parts order part d'eux  will make it from back east by this coming weekend.
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