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are these original seats?
i think they are original but I've never seen any with that kind of upholstery on them but the back seat matches and fits like an original I'm planning on reupholstering all the seats and i wanted to know if i have to go get original frames or if these would work?

it cant really been seen in the picks but on the back of the seat (well were my back goes you know?) theres like little square places. i dont know how to explain it its like 2 rows of 5 squares all cloth.

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I don't think that's a original seat for a 1973 Mustang, I have never seen it before. I think it's from a newer car, maybe a Mustang.

A original seat should look like this, the seat is a Sportsroof seat, but they are the same in Mach 1's just with a different design.

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All 71-73 seats were a high-back bucket ( without headrests). Headrest seats became the norm in most cars around 1980 or so.
thats what i thought but the back seat is upholstered identically but fits perfect too. how many other years have matching back seats? (coupe btw)

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Those look a lot like the low-backs w/headrests I had in my '82 Mustang GL (mine were tan/beige and didn't have any "recline" options, though). Might be for later-model Fox-bodies.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
sounds like someone replaced the seats and had then rears reupholstered to match the front.

[Image: 2zem9nk.jpg]
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If they are Ford seats? There will be a build tag attached to the springs. Having that number would help identity them. Perhaps Mustang II? Numbers will prove origin.
I would hope you could post some better pics. Might be able to ID if we could tell what they looked like other than the outline.

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the only camera i have is in my ipod sooooo yeah Xp its blurry ik

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