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AOD dipstick length
I have a AOD from a 88 thunderbird in my 73 mach 1.  Can anyone verify length of dipstick.  I have a ttached a picture showing how far the dipstick sticks out of tube. Can anyone verify if this is correct?
Thanks[Image: trans-Dip-Stick.jpg]

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is it the AOD tube?
I have a 93 t-bird on driveway, I could check if same if you provide the dipstick length

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The part number would help, do a web search, see what comes up.

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(03-24-2020, 11:01 AM)Don C Wrote: The part number would help, do a web search, see what comes up.

it's 21.5" long (tip to bottom of cup/cap)
part no.  EOAP-7A020-DP

it was leaking oil around o-ring so i puuled tube and a lot of fluid came out, just want to make sure I'm filling it properly.

When the engine isn't running and all of the fluid drains back into pan the level will rise well above the end of the dipstick tube.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
I had trans rebuilt last summer and I don't think the guy who installed it replaced the o-ring. It was pretty flat. Also the tube isn't exactly straight/square in the trans. Is that common and will a new o-ring take care of the misalignment? The tab that fastens to bell housing would need to be modified to change tube alignment.
I may just put it back with new o-ring to see if it leaks before trying to modify the tube tab.
I have had the filler tube out a few times with my AOD. I typically use a minimal smear of Ultra Gasket Sealer on the o ring just for safe measures and had not had a leak.
Thanks, Jay
Hello rjpohl,
I no longer have any vehicles in my fleet with that type of AOD transmission. I can try to help you with some numbers. Could the ID number on the dipstick be  EOAP-7A020- DA? I can't find any engineering number reference for EOAP-DP or a cross to a part # for it. The EOAP-DA number cross-references to EOAZ-7A020-A which is listed for 80-86 full-size Ford, Mercury, Lincoln Town Car and 80-83 Lincoln Mark Series.
Since there are no ID numbers stamped on the tube, most are identified by a paint daub of different colors. My eyes are not what they used to be but from what I can see from your picture it looks to be a brown paint daub. That would be correct for a 88 T-Bird with a 3.8L V6. The matching dipstick would be E7SZ-7A020-B (E7SP-7A020-BA).
Is there a metal tag or plate still on your transmission? It would be a positive way of further identifying which version transmission you have. There were different AOD transmissions used for 2.3, 3.8, and 5.0 engines in the T-Birds.  All the 80/ AOD transmissions used the same oil pan regardless of engine size or vehicle line installed in.  So it's just a matter of matching the correct tube and dipstick.
The seal on the tube is a good source for a leak that has driven some people to take a drink or two when trying to find!! They can dry up over time and flatten or be damaged during installation into the transmission case. Our shop transmission tech used a little vaseline on the seal so it would be easier to install and not try to roll when pushed into the trans case.  The seal is 9/16 ID and is still available from Ford. (Ford part# is 87034-S94) You can check with your local dealer or your favorite parts supply store.   Smile


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