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Anyone have the Trifecta? '71 '72 and '73 Mustangs?
Just wondering if anyone here has all three years of the big ponies? Would be cool to see a picture of a '71 '72 and '73 all together. I have never seen a 3 together at once, and even a quick Google search left me disappointed!
   To this day I still struggle to see the differences in the fenders that people talk about, aside from the gas cap on '71's and the different grills/stripes on '73's...I cant tell a lot of the time.


1973 Mach1 Q-code

My carbon footprint is exceptionally large.
interesting tri-fecta. I'm close with a 71 and 73. My trifecta would be coupe, convertible and fastback. So, for me 2 out of 3 once again, just need a 72 sportsroof/fastback.
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Kevken1959 has a bunch of trifectas...

1F03M, Maroon Metallic, Black Dlx, Black Top, A/C, Tach, Posi, Magnums
1F03M, Grabber Lime, White, White Top, A/C, CA Car
1F03M, Maroon Metallic, White Dlx, White Top, PW
1F03M, Black, White Dlx, White Top, Tach, Posi
1F03M, Pewter, Black Dlx, Black Top, 4-Spd, A/C, R/A, Tach, Magnums
1F03M, Bright Blue, Blue Dlx, White Top, 4-Spd, Decor Grp
2F03R, Grabber Blue, White Dlx, White Top, Decor Grp, Tach, etc.
2F03R, Bright Blue, White Dlx, White Top, Decor Grp, Tach, etc.
2F03Q, Bright Red, Red Dlx, Rim Blow, A/C, Tach
2F03Q, Bright Lime, Black Dlx, Black Top, A/C, P/W, Tilt, Conv. Grp, Decor Grp
2F03Q, Grabber Blue, White Dlx, White Top, 4-Spd, Tach, A/C, Decor Grp, Side Stripes, Magnums, PW
3F03Q, Blue Glow, Blue Dlx, White Top, 4-Spd, A/C, Tach, Decor Grp, Side Stripes, Forged Wheels, PW
3F03Q, Gold Glow, Ginger Dlx, Black Top, 4-Spd, Tach, Decor Grp, Side Stripes, Tu- Tone hood, Forged Wheels
3F03Q, Copper Metallic, Ginger Dlx, Black Top, 4-Spd, Tach, Decor Grp, Side Stripes, Tu-Tone Hood, Forged Wheels
3F03Q, Gold Glow, Black Dlx, Black Tp, 4-Spd, Tach, Decor Grp, Stripes,Tu-Tone Hood, Forged Whls
And 15 more verts, 2 Boss 351s and 2 M-code Mach I's! Tongue

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Thanks for your question. For us of the vintage I also like the idea of the trifecta of one year. For me 71, my first, and new car, a 71 hardtop.
If only one could go back to the dealer now, and order up a new 71 429 4speed hardtop. One can dream.

Bookend 71 b1, scj convertible.
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