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Anybody using a MOMO steering wheel?
Just curious if anyone is using a MOMO steering wheel.

They offer a "heritage" line that has some choices I could live with.  I hate the Grant I bought, it looks like a Chicago Cutlery kitchen knife...

Curious about how well the adapters work, and if the turn signal cancel function and horn work well or not.
[ I hate the Grant I bought, it looks like a Chicago Cutlery kitchen knife]
You mean the faux rivets? I don't think that looks bad on itself, but I agree this style fits better in older classic race cars.

Finding the right adapter can be a pain for sure. Same story for the horn button (unless you want keep some grant/momo/etc logo in front of you).
When I made my own steering wheel, I first measured/reproduce the design of the original on column. Then went to shops/call manufacturers
to get the exact measurement. Finally got one that was perfect fit with little to almost no mod, made for some asian car. The work was then to reproduce the top bolts pattern of the adapter to my steering wheel body. In my design, I have an extra ring that hold both button and have own bolt pattern that hides the adapter one too near of the center.

For you as you have the steering wheel, you always have the option to let a machine shop cnc/turn the adapter to your needs in case the adapter isn't really fitting. Tho, if momo claims it fits, they should deliver one that fits without you modifying it.

I plan do same for the 71, and I will probably have to let it machined, as now days it looks like most adapters are having complex shapes so they look high tech
while i'm after a simple cylinder, just as the column.

here a snapshot of a raw assembly during the making. you can see the extra ring with the first custom horn button (made another one since then)
[Image: raw_assembly_SW.jpg]

As a side note, I made my own not because I coudn't find a nice one. I simply could not find one in my taste that was fitting my body and hands. They were either too big or too small and for my hands either too thick or way to small as the originals. The good news is that aside a weekend work for the raw work and one for the finish, it costed me $15 dollar and its a perfect fit for my body.

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
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There are some stunning ones here and they work

1971 Grandé
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Very glad you posted this. I think that's the brand I've used back then, couldn't remember the name. I recall the perfect fit was not listed as a mustang column compared to the measurements I asked.
I will contact them as it might be cheaper than let it machined.

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
I'm going to order up a Moto Lita after the car can move under it's own power again.
(06-09-2018, 11:39 PM)Bentworker Wrote: I'm going to order up a Moto Lita after the car can move under it's own power again.

Wise choice Bentworker. Mine slotted straight in. The adaptor(Boss) does what it supposed to. Horn will work and turn signals cancel. The Boss also comes with the Mustang embossed in the centre of the boss albeit the Mach 1 version
[Image: 20180610_114216.jpg]

Mine is temporary. I will replace with a correct one when i finally get around to interior

1971 Grandé
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