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Anybody near Dundalk MD?
Anybody near Dundalk MD that can check out a 1973 Mustang for me?
Are you sure that is how you spell the city name? I live in Silver Spring, MD. See how far it is from my city. I am restoring 71 mach 1 and bought it and a 72 fastback for parts. if not more than 45 minutes away, I can go look at car for you.


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Thanks Bill,the guy that is selling the car wrote me city name...hope he wrote correct spelling. That would be nice if you can go there for me!
Thanks again!!
Dundalk Md is a real place. It is a little south east of Baltimore, but inside the Baltimore Beltway, I 695. It's about a 2 hour drive one-way for me, so I'm no help.

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upload a photo on internet

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