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Anybody have an AOD shop manual?
As you may recall we ran into a problem with the AOD conversion on my car.
Does anybody have a shop manual for a 1989 AOD or any other technical info. I googled things like exploded views and found one book with Northern Auto Parts that I ordered and that is on it's way but you can never have too much information.
Unfortunately information seems to be pretty scarce.
Where should I look?

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Check out my video:

Two books I purchased during my 1969 Mustang convertible restomod project were:

"How to Build Ford Restomod Street Machines", by Tony. E. Huntimer, 2005, Published by Car Tech. The chapter on drive train contained useful information in regards to AOD conversion. Overall the book was pretty fascinating in its own way.

"Transmission Repair Book - Ford 1969 to 2007", 2007, Published by Ellery Publications. It contains an AOD chapter which is basic technical teardown and rebuild, but I bought it since I figured if I needed details on C4, C6, Toploaders & B-W trannies, this would be a starting source.

I also found the web to have several sites (TCI, etc) that had some useful information
The Thunderbird & Cougar club has some transmission articles:

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lots of great info here.

I have purchased my trans stuff from Dan at Silverfox Trans and Alan at Dirty dog converters. They are vendors on this site

Both are great to do business with

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1972 Mustang Convertible 351C 4V
1966 Ford Galaxie 7 litre-4speed

Dan Gilsdorf (Silverfox) did my wide ratio AOD.
ASTG manuals are a great source. Places like Oregon Performance transmission. c4-c6.com has a sister site for AOD. What kind of issues?
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