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Anybody have a 351/FMX car on the I5 between Medford OR / Stockton CA for photos?
Okay, before I pulled apart my car to strip and paint the front I took a BUNCH of photos... Long story short all those photos are not recoverable.

I am looking for a stock or mostly stock 351C/FMX car to go take photos of for assembly guidance.  I’d be willing to travel anywhere between Klamath Falls Oregon, to Medford Oregon all the way down to Red Bluff CA.  I could go most any weekend.

Once a month I travel all the way down I5/99 to Stockton CA, and some times to the San Ramon area.  These trips are usually Wed/Thurs

If you are up for some random guy taking a bunch of underhood and interior photos of your mustang let me know.  The car does not have to be pretty - just has to be mostly untouched.

Thanks for your time,

I'm too far away from California.  whistling

If you let me know for which areas from which angles you need to have pictures, I can do this and provide them to you.

My ride is a 72 Mach1 H code with FMX.

Cheers Frank

If you look into this thread: https://www.7173mustangs.com/showthread.php?tid=29636 you will find a link at the end of the first post. It leads to a thread at a German Mustang forum and you can find lots of pictures of Wolfgang's restoration of his H code with FMX. 

 Cheers Frank
That link does have a ton of pics.

I just rebuilt my 351 with FMX. Just let me know what pics you need

1971 Grandé
(08-30-2018, 02:43 PM)Pegleg Wrote: I just rebuilt my 351 with FMX. Just let me know what pics you need

Engine compartment pictures showing all the horn / reservoir / regulator / canister mounting / wire harness mounting.

Pics of the vacuum lines between the FMX and the manifold.
Anybody in in the Sacramento / Stockton area?

I have to head there this coming week for work.
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