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Any pics of windshield trim clips and how to remove?
I am needing to remove the windshield trim so I can work on the roof, and remove the remains of the old vinyl top. Does anyone have any pics handy of the clips and/or mouldings so I can see how to get the trim off? I have a couple assorted trim clip tools, but I can't see the clips with the trim on to actually tell how to release them.. Or which shape tool it takes! I couldn't find any pics offhand of them here. Thought maybe someone out there might have some pics of it apart, so I can see how it works? Thanks! Earl
Hi, slide the pointed tip between the trim and windshield until you  catch the edge of the clip, then pull back, be careful not to press against the glass. start at the bottom and work your way around. you can also slide a thin piece rubber between the tool and glass. the tool is cheap and much better than a screwdriver! good luck
[Image: DSC04507.jpg]

[Image: DSC04509.jpg]
Here is a YouTube video you might find useful.

Thanks, guys! Love this forum!!  Smile
I tried something on my Maverick that worked great. I used the hook tool to free up part of the trim and then GENTLY pulled it lengthwise (from the end). The trim slid off of the clips one by one. It must be done with great care, so as not to bend the trim. I'm not sure this will work on the stang, but I intend to try it on my own car soon.
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