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Another question about rear gears
OK so I'm pretty sure I've got some type of locker rear end. I want to take it back to stock which was 3.25 Trac-Loc. What all would I need to get to get back to stock? When I had 3.73's put in my 1995 GT convertible all I had to buy was the ring and pinion gear, besides that what else would I need?


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At this age of car I'd go ahead and do all of the seals as well.

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Along with the seals... bearings would be a good idea. At least inspect them well.

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X2 on both the above posts
If you just change the ring and pinion, all you will do is change the ratio
You need to change the locker carrier out, to the stock limited slip
If it is a locker it may have 31 spline axles, you may need to go with stock 28 spline

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I was sure there was something, besides seals & bearings, that I would need to change out but didn't know what it was called. Hogs head came to mind from somewhere?

1965 D Code
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well you won't rebuild the original locker your swapping out the unit as a whole so you just need ring, pinion, new bolts and washers for the ring gear.
then you will need to adjust the spacer and the lash between the gears. you will need a set of shims if you have a 9" for the pinion support.

since your inside the pumpkin you would want to inspect the bearings. Now if the new locker unit has a different Inner diameter bearing then the original rear then you will need new bearings. or if the bearings have rust pits in them they should be replaced. what you will need will depend on any damage you find when you take it apart. you want to inspect all the bearing surfaces and chases for defects.

if you were rebuilding the original locker then you would need a shim and clutch pack, new thrust washers and pins,,, etc....

it is possible to find unseen damage to the splines or the wheel bearing seal surface that may require new axles.
Crush collar
Is there a way to know from spilne count if its a tack lock or posy?
I believe Trac-Loc and Posi are the same the latter being GM version of our limited slip. If you have a Trac Loc, you need to change the ring and pinion, and inspect the bearings, and get a new crush collar. I assume you have a 9" rear end and the pumpkin bolts to the axle housing and not a bolt on cover which accesses from the back. Another thing to be aware of, is if you have a fill plug on the pumpkin (aka hogs head). Early versions filled from the housing later had a fill plug in the unit.

Hope this helps.

Also...i think the 3.73 gears are for the ford 8.8 rear end. The closest 9" is 3.70.
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