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Another one gone for ever. Update. it´s on Ebay with pics
Hi guys,
I found this on an German newspaper.
A 20 year old and his 20 year old passenger were only lightly injured when they crashed their 72 Mustang convertible sideways into a tree on the wet road on July 13th.
The article sais that debris was scattered all around the site of the impact.
I find it quite interesting that they were only lightly injured, given the way the car looks. Seems like the safety improvements they introduced in 1971 did make some sense after all.

Edit. Here´s the link to the Ebay auction:


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I'm glad their okay. Poor car though...wonder how fast they were going?
Thats too bad...But they realy are good safe cars for a crash.
Glad their alright. Guess they didn't roll it. Good thing.

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Trees are hard.

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Thank God they're alright

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Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
Life flight in the background?

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Probably not much left on that worth parting out.
OLE PONY;81484 Wrote:Probably not much left on that worth parting out.

Don't try that in a Chevy... Cool

It was fun. Glad their ok.
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