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Another horn issue
Hey guys - been lurking awhile as I restore/ mod my 73 convertible. Got it all where I want it but this horn issue is killing me. 
Replaced the factory steering wheel with a wood, 3-spoke, 14" new one. Got the chrome billet and horn button also (recommended with purchase).
Here's the problem - the horn only blows when I turn the wheel! Button doesn't work but the horns sure do. I've re-installed this thing ~ six times now. It seems there's 2 spring-loaded contacts in column, which are compressed when I put the steering wheel nut on, making contact with the plate on the billet. Am I missing a part that wasn't included in the package? Some vids show a spring around shaft but I don't remember a spring during disassembly. Needless to say, I got a nice, new steering wheel but disconnected horns ...

BTW - it's a Scott Drake Corso Feroce Shelby Style wheel and 9 bolt billet adjustable SW adapter
I'm not all that familiar with aftermarket steering wheels.

You have to make sure that the spring loaded pins on the steering column are not connecting together in any way. That closes the circuit and causes the horns to blow.

Maybe the contact point on the steering wheel hub mount is shared between both pins causing the circuit to close when you install your steering wheel.

On the OEM horns there are two round separate copper plates at the back of the steering wheel each connected to a separate terminal and the two terminals are connected to the horn switch.

Just my two cents!


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Marco and Andrew are correct, there should be 2 slip rings on the steering wheel hub that contact the two spring loaded brushes. They should look something like this. Smeer some grease on the rings and brushes to see where they are making contact.

[Image: momo02.jpg]

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Another Scott Drake part not working as it should? Who would've thought?  whistling
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