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Another Hood Lock Question
RI need help trying to find the center of the stamped hole and get somebody confirm  that I drill an 3 inch diameter hole. I have read the the answer on here and other sites but would like to hear from someone who lately. Try the tuna can and was to small
If your tuna can was loose, evenly wrap it in masking tape until snug. Same with a hole saw and then use the arbor pilot drill to locate the exact center. Once you have the center located and center punched, take the tape off before using the hole saw.
I did that recently a few weeks ago and missed first with a hole-saw! Yes, the hole should be 3 inches - it is a bit more, but a good size to start. Despite I bought a hole-saw element for 50 Dollars me or this piece of sh** was too dumb to cut a hole in my original NACA-hood. I used a good heavy speed regulated drilling machine. But the center-drill of the hole-saw kept loosening in the centered hole befor the whole hole was cut (sounds cool Big Grin ) and I stopped with that attempt to not oversize the hole.

After that I used a small air saw like this

[Image: big1.jpg]

to saw a round hole starting away from the center-bored hole which was very easy-doing. After cutting a round hole with the right diameter from 3 inches I used a Dremel

[Image: 30002016PNGORG(4).png]

with some grinding drills to make the hole perfectly round and in size for the original tooling hood locks. I had them before drilling the holes so I could measure after every step and look if they fit right there. You have to keep in mind that the hole has to be that wide the hood lock could move around a little bit in it about 0,04 inches without tightening because the hood locks have a beveled edge. Othervise your hood will have to much tension in the upper skin after tightening the locks to the hood and after closing the hood.

Now they fit perfectly and easy in the hole thumb


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