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another alignment question
I have read on here that with radials our cars need to be +1.5-2 caster. I took my car in for its alignment and my spec sheet says they set it to -1.7 caster. Could this cause a slight shudder in the car between 50-60mph? I stopped back in to my mechanic shop and they told me that they don't think this is the alignment, and that my car aligned VERY well, and was flawless during their test drive. My driveshaft has been balanced, and engine and trans have been rebuilt. Any ideas what else could feel like a slight shudder in this speed range? Thanks!
A tire/wheel being out of balance would do that. If you feel it in the steering wheel it is likely in the front. If you feel it in the seat it is likely in the rear.

I agree with Chuck, check tire balance, that's the right speed range.

Two other things I've encountered in the past with radials, a belt over lap and a belt separation, neither of which show up with balancing, but you can feel them. If the separation is bad enough you can see a bulge.

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nothing to do with shudder or vibrations but...

You need + 2 - + 3.5 D Caster EQUAL both sides.

POS. Caster makes the steering wheel center itself after a turn and helps the car
steer itself strait with little driver input. NEG Caster makes steering the car strait
dodgy and requires constant driver input.

Caution...too much POS caster will cause rough road shock.

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