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An unofficial welcome to all the new members
(02-21-2016, 02:58 PM)Jeff73Mach1 Wrote: Recently there have been a lot of new members and I am pleased as a fellow member to welcome all of you to this forum.  I call it an unofficial welcome because I am just another member.

Let me say this.  This forum has always been a great resource.  I hope each and every one of you has a positive experience here.  The members are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.  We also, for the most part are nonjudgmental about what you might want to do to your car.  Whether you are into preservation, concours restoration, hot rodding or restomodding there is something here for everyone.

I encourage each member, new and old alike, to reach out to members in their area and to make real connections. Many of us have found ourselves helping one another out.

Some forums are contentious and seem to be under the control of a clique of members who try and make it all about what they want and like.  I haven't seen that here, so I want to encourage everyone to help keep this site great.

Don't be afraid to ask a question.  While the search function is a great resource and I encourage its use, I also encourage each member to ask questions, even if they have been addressed before. Participation leads to a better discussion and helps us all to learn new things.

I look forward to learning from each of you and hopefully to provide a bit of help along the way.

Again, I don't speak for the forum, only myself, but I'm willing to bet most of us feel the same way.

Thanks for welcome I have some Mach parts maybe others can usr
[Image: IMG-20190413-122237584.jpg]


I'm the original owner of my 72 Mustang and just recently got it uncovered and dusted off and got it running.  It's time to fix it up and drive it again. It had not driven or seen for 27 years.  Way too long and neglected.   Thanks for the effort to the members you maintain this site. 

Hello!  Glad to find this forum!  I have loved Mustangs, especially the first gens, for a long time.  Always thought I would buy a 65 but fell in love with a sweet little 73 convertible last October.  It's a Q code 4V 4 speed and appears to be stock.  It's in pretty good shape overall.  The current plan is to rejuvenate/restore it and do the work myself with the assistance of my 15 year old son.  I'm a novice when it comes to auto mechanics but my much more experienced friends have volunteered to help/teach me and my son.  It should be a great learning experience for both of us.  Please forgive if I ask some pretty basic questions as we start working on this project.  

[Image: IMG-8892.jpg]

Welcome from Omaha! The stripes on your car are for a 71/72, not a 73.

71-73 Mustangs never die, they just go faster!
Thanks for confirming.  I thought that was the case.  Ugh!!  The stripes were added by the PO to "pep it up" for sale.  The stripes will be coming off.
Give us a better location, you might find some local members to help out with some of the stuff you are a novice on.

As to the stripes... I'm not sure and I would do some research, but I believe that while the Mach 1's stipes changed for 73, IIRC the convertible did use the hockey stick stripes on one of the decor packages. Take your time and maybe get a Marti report before taking the stripes off. (Plus they look really good on the verts

[Image: 1_01_07_15_8_53_18.png]

"I love my Hookers!" and "Get some Strange" probably have a different connotation to non automotive enthusiasts!
Thanks for the advice. Here's my Marti.  No stripes originally.

[Image: 1973-Mustang-Marti.jpg]
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