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An Afternoon on the Gauge...
Finished work a couple of hours early today and deliberated over stripping the power steering box or installing the just arrived gauges in the cluster. Opting for the job with the greater visual reward I decided to get started on the cluster. While the vert is in the spray shop getting blocked, I have a billion things to do before it returns, the gauge cluster one of many.

I spent hours researching gauges online and scrutinising local vintage muscle cars, measuring openings, gauge casings and bezels and finally taking a gamble with the Speedhut 4 1/2" speedo / tach and the 2 1/16" oil, water temp, fuel and volt hoping that my calculations were correct and they would fit without TOO much modification.

Nicely packaged for the voyage south.

I opted for 'MUSTANG' in GT font in a subtle 50% grey.

Some minor dremel action.

Despite the speedo slipping effortlessly into the cluster backplate, the tacho was not so accommodating. Out with the dremel again, this time the miniature drum sander removed just enough excess to allow the tacho to slip in like a fist in a glove.

.jpg   dimensions_412.jpg (Size: 73.24 KB / Downloads: 126)
These guys provide complete dimensions online. This was critical for me to determine fitment.

Instrument cluster done, auxiliary cluster to go!

Looking good so far!

[Image: 1z21rv4.png]


"If I were you...... I´d rather be me."  Tongue

Check out my video:

Good looking gauges. Chuck
That looks pretty sharp!

Good Work
Gauge cluster complete, felt a bit nervous hacking the new dash center trim panel with the dremel mini drum sander.

Had to MacGuyver some 8mm (5/16") packers from 50mm (2") pvc pipe so the retainer nuts would clear the rear inner edge of the panel.

Looks great mate

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