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Am I missing something?
I don't recall ever seeing that metal brace in a sewn pocket like you have in your picture,
Is that part of the top or something added there
It's part of the frame for the top. The cable runs on the inside of it. I snapped a picture of it from below with the door open so you can see it. I think the top itself (not the frame but the fabric part) needs to be pulled forward about an inch.

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Comparing the seam on mine to the 73 posted earlier in the thread, there's definitely a difference. It seems like it needs to go almost to the edge of the trim and mine stops short. I found a link to the Fords Unlimited site on here that tells how to adjust the frame, but I don't remember seeing anything about adjusting the top itself.

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I posted a instruction guide on top adjustments- http://www.fordsunlimited.com/fords_convertible.htm. If that doesn't work search for "Top Adjustment" in the Convertible forum.
In addition to your top adjustments, you also have the window adjustments. As David mentioned earlier, it could be that the window stop needs to be adjusted to allow the window to engage the top weather strip.
Good Luck- and keep us posted!

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