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aluminum intake
Did Ford make an aluminum intake manifold for the 351C 4V. I have the motor with the cast iron one and would like to find an aluminum one if I can that is just like the OEM iron one. I need one with the exact specs as the OEM iron one for clearance purposes.
indianajohn, only a couple of choices if you want a OEM intake. The production installed 71 Boss 351 and 72 351 HO used a spread bore aluminum intake (PN# D1ZZ-9424-F, ID# D1ZX-9424-CA). There was a over the counter Ford aluminum intake that had the standard or Holly flange pattern (PN# D1ZX-9424-DA). Since the word Boss is used with the description of these intakes, that usually equates to a lot of $$$$! There was approximately a 31 pound difference between the cast and the aluminum intakes. If you don't need one right away, with a little patience you can check sources like E-Bay as they occasionally pop up, or you can check by part number on other on line sources.
If your dealing with ram air clearance issues, there are others here that may be able to suggest an non-OEM intake that has worked for them. I'm running a Boss intake with ram air on my car so I can't offer any help there!

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What fits and what doesn't has been discussed many times on this forum. Use the search box in the upper right of this page.

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