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Alternative clock movement
Got the new clock today - looks awesome and the instructions seem simple enough.

I'll give it a shot this weekend, and make sure to post pics as well.

Thanks again!


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
Cool. Looking forward to see how it works.

John J
Smile   Is the clock mechanism for sale separately or do you have to buy the full clock?    Smile
You will be able to buy a complete clock from me or send in your clock for conversion. When I have cores available I will offer them as complete units and refund the core charge when you send back your clock.


Tachs, Voltmeters, Headlight kits, Wiper delays and more at
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Rocketman's Classic Cougar (and Mustang) Innovations, LLC
Hi Bob,

I am interested in purchasing a fully converted clock if the price is right and the clock face nice.

The clock that I now have in the Mustang is still perfect working but how long? (and the reserve that I had is given away in the past as a free gift to a member from this forum, no core to send)

Please let me know the price and when available.

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