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Alignment locks?
Since the global west upper arms you have dont allow any adjustment like the Street or track setup then the issue more than likely could be shock tower related or lower crossmember. Imho I disagree with your mechanic. In my 30 plus years of building repairing cars I've seen quite a few mustangs lose alignment from the lower eccentrics slipping. It's more common than you think especially with upgraded tires, suspension and drive train. What really should be done is a measurement check of the front unibody, towers and crossmember to insure they are in spec. If he can't get the alignment as per globals specs than I'd start looking in the structure.

Omie01;264439 Wrote:OK, I got the specs, according to Global West for "Street" specs the camber should be at -.5 degree both sides, The mechanic set mine to -.4 degree both sides, (with original eccentric bolts). They claim that the closest settings would either put it at -.7 degree, or +.2 degree if they installed the locks. I have both upper and lower tubular control arms, Global West LCA struts, bearing spring perches, and the springs that Global West recommended for my suspension. I called Global West and they claim there should not be ANY position that the locks can not be used. Soooo, here's my final question, Has anybody ever actually had their alignment go bad from performance driving? Or have the eccentric bolts "slip"? Due to financial restraints I can not get the car re-aligned any time soon.


Your mechanic should be able to go from the -.7 degree (or possibly more negative camber) to your desired -.5 by adding a pair of equal thickness shims to the upper A-arm. Between cam lock washer position and shims on upper arm, he should be able to dial in just about any camber desired.

I have slipped a cam bolt and flattened the channel on my mustang and have seen others during my time as a mechanic. The ranchero parts car I bough had a recently-rebuilt suspension and one of the cam channels was partially damaged and one stripped cam bolt. Compared to other designs, I've always felt cam bolts where weak. With this design, the fixed washer and channel carry most of the load. With the locks, the load is shared equally by both channels and the rotational/strip mode of failure is eliminated.
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