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Air Gap Carb Gasket
Hey can I use a 4hole gasket to install my Holley 4150 on my Air Gap intake? It looks like it is not a solid base just a little short runner on the center of the intake.
I do have one of the 1/8" thick 4 hole carb base gasket to help control heat, but after looking at it it may not work.

What do you think?

1972 Q-Code 4speed one of 201 produced. Staggered shocks, 3.50 traction lock, 44K miles.
Rodney from SW Florida
Use a perimeter gasket. A plastic perimeter spacer is available for the heat transfer issue also.

i'd use the perimeter gasket also. there is nothing to hold all the gasket surface and if it gets gas wet and drops into engine... well that's not how it likes it.. don't forget the airgap has the center slot so a gasket there is pretty much a waste.. so the perimeter is the way to go... oh and have fun with the airgap, i hate them.. had to make a sheet mtl spacer to close off mine.. ran like yukie before, much better after.
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