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Air cleaner question
On my 73 with a 302 I have a quickfuel 600 carb with the float adjusters on top of the bowls.
I'm using my stock air cleaner assembly so I had to add a 1 inch spacer to the top of the carb so that the air cleaner will clear, however the air cleaner doesn't sit quite right as the top of the spacer isn't exactly like the carb, can anyone recommend a particular spacer that has worked?

Also wondering about upgrading the assembly using a 4v or such air cleaner for better flow?
Any reason that wouldn't work?
Boy I know nothing about the non ram air cars BUT..............

Is this a case of YOUR car was a 2 BRL ....now a 4 Brl?
You statement of "have to clear" the adjusters I'm not sure I understand. ALL Holley style have those and clear FORD 4V air cleaners. (at least for clearance)

I would either Google Images and SEE if you have a 2V clearer , again I don't know enough "Maybe there is only a 2V 302 for 73"
Then look at the bottom of 4V's (they have BUMPS (front and back). You maybe able to use any older Ford base, you may just have to clearance what you have.

The adjusters by the yellow arrows hit the air cleaner,
[Image: 20190316-114914.jpg]

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The 73 302 air cleaner is different than the 351c air cleaner. It has a lower profile and was designed for a 2v carb. Its possible that a 351c 2v or 4v cleaner would fit better. Find an owner of one who might let you test fit theirs.

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Stock 2V cleveland air cleaner will definitely clear. Here is a quick fuel carb and stock 2v air cleaner on a cleveland. Find yourself an air cleaner housing from a cleveland.

[Image: A007-E0-B3-47-FA-4-CAE-89-AB-FA03-EF356-BC4.jpg]

[Image: D31-E9-F9-C-7-BCB-41-F2-976-B-3-D59-B4-FD0-C5-C.jpg]

[Image: 77-CA4589-8-AEF-4703-A5-CC-790-A17146-A40.jpg]

[Image: E69750-BF-E1-A0-471-A-B21-A-6-C5-E0-B4212-BD.jpg]


1971 Mach 1
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C4 w/3,000 stall
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Disc brakes all way around.

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Thank you, I would like to stay with an oem style so I'll look for a 351 air cleaner, maybe someone has one laying around?
Yeah you could always check local Craigslist too. But I’m sure someone on here has one they could part with. Send Don at OMS a message. He has lots of parts cars.


1971 Mach 1
408C Stroker
C4 w/3,000 stall
8.8" Rear w/3.73's
Disc brakes all way around.

[Image: 28ivsix.png]

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