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addco rear sway bar setup
Is anybody running the Addco rear sway bar setup for cars that did not have a competition rear suspension?

I've had mine sitting in a box for 3 years. i mocked putting it on the car and didn't like how close the unit was to the fuel line on the drivers side. I felt that if the rear bottomed out it might damage the line with the bolt that goes down to the leaf.

however its still sitting on my shelf and i would like to try it but i want to know if anybody else has it installed since i want some feedback.

addco makes 2 types one is a replacement thicker rear sway if you have a car equipped with competition suspension and the other is a retrofit style with a 7/8 bar.

i'm looking for feedback on the retro fit unit.
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I installed the retrofit type on a 68 Fairlane back around '99. I wasn't really crazy about it, but it did work and didn't hit anything.

You could always get the original type Addco bar and install it with the factory parts. The lower plates are repoped and the upper mount isn't tough to get together, as the holes are already in the frame rail.

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