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Thanks for all the nice comments and suggestions guys! I cannot do that kind of work on this or any car, I’m disabled so I can only do so much.
Ya, Vincent there sure are a lot of jerks on FB.
I still need the insurance adjuster to come look at it yet, then I’ll go from there I guess.
If they do total it , it would be hard to not take the payout cause I don’t think I would get that much if I sold it.
I really don’t want to lose my car, but I my not have any choice. Well see, this really sucks! Huh Angry

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John 72 Q Code
That is just too nice a car to total it. As bad as it looks it can still be repaired. The new whole front clip might make sense here. As stated above, be sure the shop has the right tools and experience. Here in NM we see too many deals where a shop will take a down payment, then nothing happens, and they finally give up but have already spent the money.
It is all too common. Glad that you are OK! Ed Raver in NM
(10-16-2018, 08:36 AM)bkdunha Wrote: Here is the photo from the Facebook page.  I promise I do not mean to add salt to fresh wounds/aches.  Just thought it would share with others the degree of impact you sustained.

No problem bkdunha, but ya getting tired of this pic. Anyway, that is me on the far left signing some paperwork with the ems guy.

run_horse Run Horse Run!
John 72 Q Code
Glad you're OK. Sorry about your car, I suppose the idiot that almost rear ended you just drove away like nothing happened.

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(10-16-2018, 10:16 AM)Don C Wrote: Glad you're OK. Sorry about your car, I suppose the idiot that almost rear ended you just drove away like nothing happened.
Yep, they just kept on going, probably didn’t even realize what happened to me, or didn’t want to get in trouble. I don’t know but I have had so many close calls this kinda doesn’t surprise me.

run_horse Run Horse Run!
John 72 Q Code
Glad you are OK!

I too think the car can be saved but as has been mentioned, be very careful of repair shops who will just take a huge down payment then never touch the car again! Sounds like your friend may be able to help you manage that part!! Good luck.


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Sorry about your car and I wish you the best going forward! That's one of my worst fears once my car is finished. I've seen pictures of how these cars fair in accidents and it doesn't look good.

If you can save it...do it! You will miss it otherwise. Or hopefully they would sell the car to someone willing to put in the work to fix it so it's not scrapped and then you could use that $30K to find another one. Smile

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Sorry about the car, glad you are okay- My advice, and that is all it is, is for you to take the money and buy one that is done-while that car can be repaired, there is going to be a lot to do and it is going to take some serious time and dedication.

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Sorry about your Mustang and I am glad you are okay. This is my worst fear when i drive around.

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That sucks... Health is first, so that is a good thing that came out of this. The car is at home so you can take some time to decide what you want to do, once you address the insurance aspect. The internet sucks, especially when these personal type scenarios get strewn all over... You will make the best decision for you, moving forward.
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