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AC recharge
I have been tagging along on Tony's post on his AC rebuild. I thought I would make it easier and do another.
I went and got new Schrader valves for the High pressure and low pressure service ports today. That is where I found my leak.
New valves did not help put vacuum pump on and it is still leaking somewhere. I have the dye in the oil but my sniffer will not detect the Duracool so might have to go back to 134 to find the leak. I did try to tighten all the connections again. When I took the connection off to replace the Schrader valve the new 134 O-rings looked horrible. The might be the issue.
So I said F&%$ this and went on to something new. I pulled the carburetor off the intake and the gasket under the EGR valve was trash. Big vacuum leak and not the right gasket. I will probably take the EGR out but have to find the right gasket. I spent two hours on the net and no luck. The search engines do not find the Holley number to locate the correct gaskets. I am going to have a few strong adult beverages and forget about it until tomorrow.

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Keep us posted.  Looking forward to your progress I always learn something new from your posts.
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