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A small 429cj observation game.
[Image: 6_FB146_EB_7270_4252_A8_C8_D3867_FB01_B0_B.jpg]

Hi Forum....for all you sharp-eyed car spotters.....

What has been done?
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Antenna Mast has been tilted!  Tongue
The first difference I see right away compared to mine: it looks much better Smile
then the turn light above the mach 1. May be due to camera angle, the rear spoiler looks thinner than mine.

is this a dutch car btw?

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
Great catch! The turn signal light above the Mach1 is new. These signal lights had to be installed in order to pass MOT inspection.
I tried to make it look as OE as possible. To me, it looks darn good actually!

Spoiler is totally original.........as is the whole car..........except the lights!

[Image: 94_C35_AA6_32_B1_4676_AB34_03_A8_CBD8_D0_F7.jpg]
Another picture..........

Give me some opinions........thanks.

[Image: 01_F3_F443_4324_4403_B8_DA_04_A0_A6617_E8_C.jpg]
In which country are you?
When I've moved to the Netherlands and imported my 73 mustang from France
The tech dudes at the RDW inspection did difficult on plates, vin and turn signal.
For the vin, because french laws my 73 had a stamped/riveted plate near left shock tower, perfectly fine to me, but to them totally wrong!
It had to be marked in metal on tower (just 10cm away from the french plate... )
Then came the number plate, I've refused to let them give me the ridiculously large sized European plates as I knew an exception existed, made for US cars with the US sized holder. In the end the small dutch plate is even smaller than the us version on the height by +-2 inches.
For the turn lights, it was more about closing the side marker as colour/location were suggesting a turn light and it wasn't working as a turn light. I objected and proposed to use the side markers with a custom turn light circuit/bulb, and while discussing with the tech dude,
his colleague found out it would be allowed to change the circuit but unnecessary as there was also an exception made for US cars with side markers. They couldn't find exactly if the colour was a prob. white or yellow. Both guys were actually nice, liked the car and spend time seeking alternatives for me.
In the end just had to find a garage with a set of these "stamp" letters, and came back to them a week later.

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
Wow.......picky fellas in France........just like in Denmark! They would not accept the marker light as blinker.....they would not accept a small light near the marker light either. So, I decided on the above....it actually looks great in real life...real `mustangy`!

I had to have a new vin plate welded into the frame in the engine compartment. No big deal........but those MOT fellas are real sticklers when it comes to these nice old cars.
Just a note. At the Charlotte, North Carolina auto fair couple weeks ago there were several European men buying lots of cars to ship back over to Europe. There should be quite a few new ones to pick from soon.
btw one of our members has a 71 429 Mach 1 that was Japan spec. it had to have the additional side lights when shipped new. They were higher up on the fender and like right above the side marker but on the upper part of the fender. So there was actually a Ford version but I doubt you could ever find a set.
Also colors of lens were different for the German T-5 models when shipped new.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
[Wow.......picky fellas in France........just like in Denmark! ]
No its when imported to the Netherlands. French laws allowed the car as it was sold by Ford + that riveted plate.
The dutch were in the end not that picky, its just you need take them carefully by the right side, pick your words and act as you almost agree with them Wink
Plus most existing laws regarding old cars are forgotten as they are likely not even in their IT system.

Personally, I would have not added the light this way, I would have double taped some small modern led turn light underneath the mirrors, or replace with modern mirror having them like audi's and many others have. And first thing out of the import location with papers in hand, removed them.

Back in Paris in the early 90's, on my bike, got stopped and fined for having a clear white headlight. I simply refused to use the ridiculous yellow coloured ones that were reducing the sight greatly. All cars and bikes were using an extra yellow bulb around the glass bulb... supposed to prevent blindness of other drivers...
In the end just before I couldn't delay the fine payment anymore, law changed and got letter saying I was exempted of the fine, because I was now to be fined for having legal lights Smile

I follow in big lines most of laws, but when they are stupid, to me, laws are made to be bended Wink

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
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