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a quick proportioning valve ?
i have a in-line proportioning valve . will it need to be hard mounted to the car ? there is not a lot of info out there about the valves . i searched the forum and found some helpful info but wish there was more 
thanks for any help
They are used when converting all drum to front disc and keeping rear drums. Factory setup for all drum had fluid supplied in equal proportion to all wheels. The valve allows you to lessen the fluid to the rear drums to avoid locking them up. Factory front disc / rear drum has proportional valve built into the distribution block.

Also used when converting to all disc in many cases. It has to be plumbed into the system but not necessarily 'hard' mounted to the body. It just has to be somewhat easy to reach to adjust the flow. Trick is to get brake lines flared with fittings in sections to fit where you want it.
thank you for your help
If I'm not too late to the party, when I converted my drum/drum car to front 4 piston discs, drums on rear, I used a separate adjustable valve on the rear only. The front still goes through the original distribution block with the rear ports blocked off, Then there is the separate feed from the M/C to the rear valve. This works very well to fine tune how much rear brake I have on my open dif rear end.. Downside is I have no brake warning light.
The pic is very old before power booster was added and total engine bay refurb, but shows the separate rear valve. By the way, I went with SSBC's Kelsey-Hayes style 4 piston disc kit that fits drum spindles.
its never to late for info .i have just ordered all new complete brake line kit ,and will install the inline valve after the distribution block i hope
(06-24-2018, 02:53 PM)nailpounder Wrote: its never to late for info .i have just ordered all new complete brake line kit ,and will install the inline valve after the distribution block i hope

Happy to help. Not seen in the pic is a bracket I fabricated to hold the valve to the apron. It is light enough not to really need it, but that's just me.
New lines are a good idea. I had a couple of brake failures in the past due to rusted out lines, not fun!
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