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A decision needs to be made and quickly
Damn, I just got off the phone with my best freind Greg from back home and the subject came up of the 65 429 I put in his dads 62 Sunliner. He's actually thinking of getting rid of it and wants to know if I was serious about "THE MOTOR DOES NOT GO WITH THE CAR" His dad died about 5 years ago and Greg remebered the deal on the motor. So what do you think? Drive to Erie (750 miles) and swap my cleveland for my 429?

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Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
'65 429, Mark?


Do the RIGHT thing.
The 429 wasn't available till '70 I believe. The 460 came in Lincolns in '68.
May be a 428 FE?
Either way, the transmission won't bolt up to the 351.

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My car was originally a 302 car. I got a good deal on a 351 cleveland and built it complete from ground up. Its fun and runs great... approx 400hp. But i now wish i would have just bought a 429 or 460 and built that. Could of had the same and more horsepower without all the work. I wanted something kinda correct for my car but with all thats been done it doesnt really matter lol. Just my opinion but i wish i would of went with the big block. Plus i have always wanted to buy some john kasse heads in the future and put them on a 460 block and make a boss kasse nine motor. if i ever get rich enough to afford those heads lol.!!! Its really up to you what you want to do but theres no replacement for displacement!!!!


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68 T-Bird first 429, 68 Lincoln first 460 IF my memory is in alignment. 370 first in trucks about 1977???? Chuck
428 sorry!

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Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
Stick with the Cleveland. No funky header issues this way, or making your own motor mounts (though I have no doubt you could do a dandy job of it) and if you need more power, you can stroke it and make plenty. FE engines are great engines, but they are even more expensive than Clevelands to build up these days!

Now if it was a 429, I would possibly change my advice, but I'm not sure I would.

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marks73;78540 Wrote:428 sorry!
Mark, are you sure that it is not a 427? The 428s didn't come out until 1966. You REALLY got my interestSmile!


Do the RIGHT thing.
Maybe a 289 with big valve covers Smile haha
No it's a 428 that was in a late production 65. That was what was neat about it! The guy said he ordered it that way. Wish I had the vin from it, I'd get a Marti on it.
Story goes, guy had this thing parked for years on the backside of a small bar. I pestered him repeatedly that if he wasn't going to do something with it sell it to me! All I knew was it had a big block. After about 6 years go by I walk into the bar and he asks me if I still want the car? "Sure","How much?" Just get it out of here! Where as he shows me where some kids had got on the roof of the shelter next to the car and used it as a springboard to the ground. Every panel was caved, roof, trunk, hood, broken windsheild. Ended up giving him $250 for it anyway.

Greg just called back. Wanted to know what I'd take for the engine? Tells me he remembers his dad and I and what we went through getting that thing into the Sunliner. Its been in that car for 14 years and Buzz was so proud to have it in there... I told him Happy Birthday.

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Just cruising along minding our own business when BAM!!! The LAWS show up.
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