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A/C Valves
I am in the process of replacing the missing A/C.
I need to know how many sevice valves there should be and is there only one expansion valve? thumb

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There is only one expansion valve where you go into the firewall. That is what makes the system cool. I would look for NOS if you can find. I am not a air cond. guy but I did mine and it worked, lol. I cleaned all the hoses and used round gun cleaning brushes inside the hoses. You need the O-ring kit for the new refrigerant, they are green in color. Follow instructions as far as lube and how to charge.
Pressure test your condenser and evaporator before install for leak with air pressure and place in tank of water to look for bubbles.
You will be adding new connections for the gauges to charge the system there are two at the compressor, high and low pressure. You should get the Ford manual and go by it.
You will need a new Dryer tank that mounts on drivers side on radiator support out front. It has the filter in it also.
A pic I did not put with others and can get about any you need. The dash actually comes out pretty easy with maybe a dozen fasteners.
I used a new refrigerant not sold in US but in Canada called Dura Cool it is much more efficient that anything else out there.
[Image: DSC00044.jpg]

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Thank You David. 50% of my A/C was missing when i bought the car. Replacing parts from Classic Auto Air to try and stay factory correct
Have a new York compressor and dryer. Condenser tested and repainted. New hoses, quick release valves, and vacuum lines just arrived.
Still have to buy a clutch, idler pulley, expansion valve and service valves.
Once the A/C box removed from behind dash it will be going to a specialist A/C guy for refurb. Will get the heater core tested at same time

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Hi Steve
I've put an Old Air kit in mine being a RHD conversion didn't want to bother trying to get the OEM air con working again besides PO had hacked in to the case
If you're after any specific parts you can have them so PM if interested
Cheers Mick
There is much debate about R12a/duracool/redtek, so please do some research before using it. It is a hydrocarbon... essentially it is propane and flammable. The EPA has not approved it for use, which is why it is illegal to sell or use as an automotive refrigerant in the US. I suspect it will void any product warranty on compressors and other A/C equipment. I have read that once used, it contaminates the system and you cannot go back to using a Fluorocarbon based refrigerant without a thorough system cleaning. Other than that it is a direct replacement for R12 and cools really well.

Personally, I may be overly concerned here, but with my luck, I'd have an engine fire and the insurance company would determine that I had residual Hydrocarbon based refrigerant in the A/C system and deny my claim. Not a big deal if I had used it a 97 Ford Probe.

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