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A/C to cowl seal help
I need some help with part names and availabilty.
On the end of the A/C core pipes theres a oblong piece that runs the other side of the firewall in the engine bay. The long hoses from the condenser fit into the oblong piece.
What is the oblong piece called 
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I think you are talking about the aluminum piece that usually has a red cap on it. The two hoses from compressor hooks to it and goes to the heater AC box. That is called the expansion valve and is what triggers the cooling to start. I am not AC guy so I cannot tell you a good one from bad, lol. If you are looking for one go for expansion valve and see what you find.
BTW since there is not water in the AC system the condenser and evaporator do not go bad that often unless hit by something.

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I believe what you're asking about is the "Seal - Air Conditioner Tubes to Dash Panel".
From 4/1/70 to 4/3/72 D0DZ 19B588-B
From 4/3/42 D2DZ 19B588-A

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