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A/C Evaporator Flush

I am rebuilding the integral A/C Heater Box. I have been searching the internet on how best to flush the A/C Evaporator. The Evaporator is out of the box on my workbench. I have found several sites,



that provide several solutions. The main one, especially for the cleaning solution, is Hecat Safe Flush. Anybody used this?


What have you done to perform the cleaning and flushing of the A/C Evaporator?

mustang7173 Huh
If the evaporator needs flushing, chances are the rest of the system also will need to be flushed, or the contaminants in the rest of the system will migrate into the evaporator. Removing lines and taking components apart can break loose crud. If you follow the instructions they provide you should be fine. Remember, when you blow out the cleaner, use filters and separators on your air compressor lines to keep petroleum based oils out of the a/c system, and also moisture.

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Looks like Classic Auto Air can do a pressure test and restore for $115.00. This might be one solution.



Update! I found a local radiator that specializes in Radiators and Evaporators testing and cleaning. The bill will be much less and NO Shipping.

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