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99 mountaineer 5.0 into 72 mach 1
Thanks. Found a clutch, brake pedal assembly out of a 88 for 25 bucks. Will it work with the moderndriveline clutch kit? Or do i need to get their clutch pedal as well? If so does it work with the automatic pedal that i already have in the car
88 parts are not compatible with the 71-73. Repop pedals and parts are available. You'll need to install the clutch pedal bushings in your pedal support. You can re-use the current auto pedal, just trim the pad down to the standard trans brake pedal width.

[Image: 71-73clutch.jpg]

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Thanks for all the help. The 5.0 and t5 are in the car. Making crossmember for t5 tomorrow. Running a 650 dp anybody care to reccomend a good electric fuel pump that won't break the bank? Thanks in advance
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